Home Bar Review West Coast Brewing Taproom in Shizuoka, Shizuoka

West Coast Brewing Taproom in Shizuoka, Shizuoka

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West Coast Brewing Taproom The Bottom Line

While it may be some way from the city centre of Shizuoka, there’s nothing better than getting some good beers at the source and that’s exactly what you get at West Coast Brewing Taproom – plus the option of being able to get some cans to take away too. It’s fun being able to watch brewers at work – either brewing a beer or working away in the cellars and at the fermenters too. West Coast Brewing Taproom is completely non-smoking and also no table charge. For those wanting some food though, options are a little limited compared to other places but there are some snacks available. Menus are also in English too so get down there after an onsen next door, and relax with a few beers in here before getting some cans to drink on the train.

West Coast Brewing Taproom Inside・ウエストコーストブルーイング タップルーム見せない

West Coast Brewing Taproom The Full Review

West Coast Brewing Taproom is obviously the taproom for West Coast Brewing, and is located in the port district of Mochimune, to the west of Shizuoka city centre. Though it’s a ten minute walk from the local JR station, there are some impressive views to be had along the way when the weather is good. Walking along and seeing Mt. Fuji peer out over the bay is nothing short of majestic – either before or after beers.

West Coast Brewing Taproom does have about 16 seats inside, there are some options for outside drinking in the warmer months; however, it also works well as a standing bar too. There is no table charge and also the whole bar is completely non-smoking. Like most decent taprooms, you can look into the brewery as the staff are working and see pretty much what is going on – though don’t bang on the window as brewers tend to be an easily scared bunch of people. I also noticed that there was some free WiFi too.

West Coast Brewing Taproom Beer 1・ウエストコーストブルーイング タップルームビール1West Coast Brewing Taproom Beer 2・ウエストコーストブルーイング タップルームビール2West Coast Brewing Taproom Beer 3・ウエストコーストブルーイング タップルームビール3West Coast Brewing Taproom Beer 4・ウエストコーストブルーイング タップルームビール4

There are 16 taps of craft beer on at West Coast Brewing Taproom, with all of them being in-house brews. The beers come in three sizes: small (about 150ml) from ¥400, glass (about 350ml) from ¥750, and pint (470ml) from ¥1,000. There is also a four beer flight option that gets you 4 x 150ml beers of your choice for ¥1,400 – a pretty good bargain for those drinking some of the hazies on the menu. If you want to get a beer to take away, there is also a limited selection available for 2l growler fills that cost ¥2,000 for 2L plus ¥200 for the can itself as well some 500ml cans too. Unfortunately, you can’t drink the crowler in-store. All the prices include tax as well.

West Coast Brewing Taproom Food・ウエストコーストブルーイング タップルームフード

There aren’t many food options available, besides some snacks, so make sure you stock up on food before hand. You can get some food next door at the onsen place and bring it in if you’re so inclined.

West Coast Brewing Taproom Details

Open: Tuesday to Thursday 11:00 – 18:00 (L.O 17:30) Friday to Sunday / National Holidays 11:00 – 20:00 (L.O 19:30)

Closed: Monday unless national holiday then day after is closed.

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 054-204-1747

Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.westcoastbrewing.jp/taproom

Social Media: Instagram

How to Get to West Coast Brewing Taproom

The closest station to West Coast Brewing Taproom is JR Mochimune. It’s then about a 10 minute walk.

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