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Matsumoto Artisanal Saison by Far Yeast Brewing

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Matsumoto Artisanal Saison is a 5% saison from Far Yeast Brewing, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range with this one being with Matsumoto Brewery, based in Matsumoto. It can be found in bottles at the Matsumoto Taproom though we’re yet to see it on sale elsewhere.

Matsumoto Artisanal Saison Aroma and Taste

Matsumoto Artisanal Saison poured out a light hazy golden orange colour with a plump white head on top. It had a crisp fruity aroma from the yeast, along with a hint of biscuit from the malts. It had the prototypical aroma of a saison – nothing spectacular but nothing off about it either.

Which extended itself into the body as well. A crisp fruity body that didn’t excite but nor did it disappoint either. When Matsumoto Artisanal Saison had warmed up to room temperature, there was a slightly funkier aroma to it but nothing off-putting about it. It finished off with a light phenolic finish that faded quite quick.


Matsumoto Artisanal Saison The Bottom Line

Matsumoto Artisanal Saison is a well-made saison that does everything it is supposed to do.

Where to Buy Matsumoto Artisanal Saison Online

At the time of writing, Matsumoto Artisanal Saison can only be bought at the Matsumoto Taproom.

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