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Riot Beer : Draught Beer Round Up

by Rob
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Rather than writing up individual reviews for these beers, we’ve come up with a page of beers for our recent trip to Riot Beer Brewery & Taproom . As these are draught beers, there is no guarantee that they will be on tap if and when you go there.

Riot Beer Darklands

Riot Beer Beer 2

Riot Beer Darklands : Details

  • Alcohol : 6%
  • IBU : 21
  • Style : Oatmeal Stout

Riot Beer Darklands : Mini Review

Appearence : Beer poured out a pitch black colour with a thin amount of tan coloured head on top that clung to the side of the glass.

Nose : Coffee and chocolate with a smooth creamy note to the beer. Hops were barely noticeable besides a faint noble quality.

Taste : Smooth body punctuated by typical flavours of coffee and chocolate. Creamy body though not cheesy so doubtful lactose was used. As warms up, a slight nuttiness to it that was tasty.

Riot Beer Andrew

Riot Beer Beer 3

Riot Beer Andrew : Details

  • Alcohol : 6.5%
  • IBU : 32
  • Style : Scotch Ale

Riot Beer Andrew : Mini Review

Apperance : Dark orange brown colour with a thin white head on top that faded fast to a few bubbles on top.

Aroma : Malty biscuit and honey quality to it, though softer than expected for a malt forward beer. Some floral hops though for most of it, it was malty.

Taste : Malty but not as big or as bold that a scotch ale usually is. Medium biscuit and honey flavours but no discernable hop bitterness but lacking in depth overall in malt flavours.

Riot Beer Moped Lads

Riot Beer Beer 4

Riot Beer Moped Lads : Details

  • Alcohol : 8%
  • IBU : 10
  • Style : Belgian Strong Ale

Riot Beer Moped Lads : Mini Review

Appearance : Ruby reddish brown colour with a sticky slightly off-white head that left streaks down the glass.

Aroma : Malty with a caramel / toffee aroma to it. Some fruit notes of cherry and banana. Slight booziness when warmed up.

Taste : Malt forward with no hop character. Rich caramel and biscuti body with typical Belgian yeast banana nose. Subtle cherry tartness when warmed up with expected boozy quality.

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