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Home Beer Review Fujizakura Draft 3 by Fujizakura Kanko Heights

Fujizakura Draft 3 by Fujizakura Kanko Heights

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Fujizakura Draft 3 is 6.5% weizenbock from Fujizakura Kanko Heights, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their draft only range at their BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi branch, but has also seen a limited run in bottled form. It was first released to celebrate the second anniversary of their bar and is brewed using German Mandarin hops.

Fujizakura Draft 3 富士桜高原麦酒六本木ドラフト・スリー

Fujizakura Draft 3 Aroma and Taste

Fujizakura Draft 3 poured out a deep brown colour with a minimal amount of discernible off-white head that amounted to a couple of bubbles on top. It had a huge amount of chocolate, raisins, and some weird yeast funk coming off too. The yeast brought the banana and clove aroma that is common with weizens but something weird was coming through – like too much estery nose. It wasn’t a mess of an aroma but something didn’t seem to fit right in it.

The body was a bit better than the nose. The flavours were more in balance with each other, yet the chocolate could do with reigning in just a smidgen. It dominated the flavour though once Fujizakura Draft 3 had reached warm temperature, so Fujizakura Draft 3 should be drunk slightly chilled if you want to reign in that chocolate. When it was chilled, the citrus and banana flavours swirled around and brought something new to the weizenbock style in Japan.


Fujizakura Draft 3 The Bottom Line

Fujizakura Draft 3 is an interesting beer with some different flavours going on but it’s better chilled than at room temp.

Where to Buy Fujizakura Draft 3

Fujizakura Draft 3 can be bought online at the following places:

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