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Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA by Onidensetsu Beer

by Rob

Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA is a 7.5% double IPA from Onidensetsu Beer, based in Hokkaido, Japan. It’s part of their draft line up for setsubun with no plans for it to be bottled. It’s brewed using locally sourced Hokkaido wheat, with the “w” representing that as well as Joe’s favourite antagonistic point of meaning “double”. The name Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki roughly translates to “the breath from the Demon’s nose” – a catchy name there.

Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA 登別鬼の鼻息WIPA

Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA Aroma and Taste

Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA wasn’t supposed to be reviewed but I was outed at TBE Brewing by the owner and I said I would review it in the hope that Shibata-san would come down next year.

It came out a slightly hazy golden colour with a minimal amount of white head on top. It had a strong pine and malt aroma to it, with a peppery biscuity aroma coming off of it. There was some slight lemon and grapefruit nose to it but not much.


Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA had a slight bitterness to it but the wheat brought an interesting creaminess to the beer. The piney dankness to it was evident from the start and lingered throughout drinking. The bitterness never proved to be overpowering and the alcohol didn’t really come through either, which made Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA a nice easy drinking beer.

Noboribetsu Oni no Hanaiki W-IPA The Bottom Line

Let’s hope Onidensetsu start bottling some of these draft beers soon – two for two so far with this year’s efforts.

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chuwyboy February 15, 2018 - 9:23 pm

ever since they ‘discovered’ dry hopping ;), theyve never looked back. i rmemeber their beers before the change and they werent bad then. however, its basically their hoppy beers that wow. same wiht y market mostly. good hoppy stuff. knee deep also!

Rob February 15, 2018 - 9:24 pm

Agreed. Genuinely surprised with how good their draft beers are compared to bottles. It’s like two different breweries making them.


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