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Rokko Beer Information

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Rokko Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Kobe, Japan. They are considered to be part of the first generation of craft beer breweries in Japan, having started out in 1997, soon after the Japanese government reduced the demands for the brewing licenses. Since then, Rokko Beer have opened up a few diners and bars in the local Kobe area, and their beers can be found mainly in the Kansai area.

Rokko Beer Main Lineup

The following beers are part of the all year round line up.

  • Rokko Pilsner – a 5% Czech style pilsner that is the brewery’s flagship beer.
  • Rokko Porter – a 5% porter beer brewed to a traditional London style recipe.
  • Rokko IPA – a 5% English IPA brewed using imported UK hops.
  • Rokko Barley – an 8% barleywine that is pretty hard to find considering it’s a regular beer.

Rokko Beer Seasonal and Limited Lineup

The following beers are part of the Rokko seasonal lineup.

  • Rokko Ashiya Beer – a 6.5% American IPA brewed using imported USA hops.
  • Rokko Tsukutsuku – a 6.5% “bottle conditioned ale” though what quite that means for its style is unknown.

Rokko Beer Details:

Address: 351-1 Arino, Arino-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Phone: 078-981-2130

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.rokko-beer.com/index.html

Store: http://www.rokko-beer.com/webshop.html

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

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