Rokko Beer Information

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Rokko Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Kobe, Japan. They are considered to be part of the first generation of craft beer breweries in Japan, having started out in 1997, soon after the Japanese government reduced the demands for the brewing licenses. Since then, Rokko Beer have opened up a few diners and bars in the local Kobe …


Rokko Porter by Rokko Craft Brewery

Rokko Porter

Rokko Porter is a 5% porter beer from Rokko Craft Brewery that is based on the traditional London style porters found from the 18th and 19th century. It is an award-winning beer having won gold at the 2012 Japan Asia Beer Cup. Rokko Porter can be found in both bottled form and on tap at the Rokko Craft Brewery restaurants in the Kobe …

Rokko Pilsner by Rokko Craft Brewery

Rokko Pilsner Beer

A recent discovery in Kanto for me, I managed to find a bottle of Rokko Pilsner hiding in Tokyu Hands in Yokohama. I last had it in 2013 when I was in Kobe for work and had not been able to find it since. Rokko is a 5% Czech style pilsner that is the brewery’s flagship beer. Rokko Pilsner Aroma …