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Hansharo Indra by Hansharo Beer

by Rob
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Hansharo Indra is a 7.5% American IPA from Hansharo Beer. Like many of their special beers, it’s only available on draft only though it can be found across Japan. It was first released in November 2016 though there is a lack of information, both in English and in Japanese, about what malts and hops went into making it.

Hansharo Indra

Indra?! Apparently, it’s not a spelling mistake either.

Hansharo Indra Aroma and Taste

The menu at Craftsman Yokohama didn’t gave any details about Hansharo Indra – nor could the bar manager explain much about it, not even what hops went into it (cue soapbox about knowledge coming up!). Of course, it’s not their fault if the brewery doesn’t release any information about it. Hansharo Indra came up a deep hazy orange copper colour with a frothy white head that didn’t last long; however, it did have some good lacing and stuck through until the end. It had a strong pine resiny aroma with a distinct sweet caramel aroma along with a hint of citrus bitterness.

The malts and resin were as prevalent in the body as the nose, given Hansharo Indra a distinct English leaning towards the description of an IPA. However, it did develop some passion fruit notes, reminiscent of Mosaic hops, as well as a long lasting citrus bitterness, that reminded me of Simcoe and Citra, that carried on through to the aftertaste. The balance between malts and hops was well done, with neither dominating at all, rather complementing each other. Hansharo Indra wasn’t cloying by any means, even with the caramel flavours lasting during the whole beer.

Hansharo Indra The Bottom Line

Hansharo Indra has a lot going on it, and came across more of a hybrid American / English IPA.


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