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Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt by Coedo

by Rob
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Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt. Where to start? Ok, let’s begin. In 2012, Coedo collaborated with Coronado, an American West Coast brewery, to produce Coedonado, an American strong ale, that was well received. Coedo then had the audacity to take it one step further by taking Coedonado and storing it in bourbon whiskey barrels and then aging it for a minimum of six months before serving as a one-off brew. Available on tap only, Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt is really a case of “once it’s gone, it’s gone”.

coedonado ichiro's malt is not for the faint of heart.

Coedonado Ichiro’s malt. Try saying that after two of these.

Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt Aroma and Taste

Served in a brandy glass on the recommendation of the owner, Coedonado Ichiro assaults your nostrils and the olfactory senses. The whiskey barrels have imparted their flavour in this, with the oakiness and burnt whiskey smell being the first things that you smell. If your nose can handle anything more, then the sweet sugar smell of the Coedonado comes through, balancing off the strong smells nicely.

The colour is a vivid dark reddish-brown with very little head, which allows the intense aromas to build up in the glass. What little head there was stayed and swirled around the glass.

When I finally managed to get my nose away from sniffing the beer, the smokiness of the bourbon whiskey balanced extremely well with the black sugar found in the Coedonado strong ale. Followed up with a good spicy aftertaste of cinnamon and clove which led to a warming of the throat- the kind of warmth that only a whiskey provides. This is a beer for sipping and contemplating life go by without a care in the world.


Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt The Bottom Line

If you manage to find this incredible beer on tap, buy it, enjoy it and give it the respect it deserves.

Where to buy Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt

A rare beer to find, Coedonado Ichiro was drunk in Beer Republic. Our review is here.

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