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Craft Beer Market Otemachi in Otemachi, Tokyo

by BeerTengoku Writer

Craft Beer Market Otemachi The Bottom Line

Craft Beer Market Otemachi doesn’t offer anything too different from the other branches of Craft Beer Market; however, the large seating area and focus on Mexican food kind of steals it for us. If you don’t mind a gamble, then it’s a sure fire place to try some new domestic craft beers. The whole place is non-smoking though there is an unavoidable table charge of ¥300 and a maximum stay of two-and-a-half hours (why do some bars insist on this?!). There is also free WiFi but you have to ask for the password (psst top0362625759)

Craft Beer Market Otemachi

Mind the tree!

Craft Beer Market Otemachi The Full Review

Craft Beer Market Otemachi is the ninth iteration of the Craft Beer Market chain that is slowly spreading its reaches across Tokyo, and also into Sendai too, and in November 2016, a new branch opened up at [add place].

Craft Beer Market Otemachi is located near Otemachi station, though it’s above ground so you do have to venture out of the sprawling underground city beneath Tokyo’s streets. There is space inside for about 30 people sitting, with plenty of space for those standing, but the best thing about Craft Beer Market Otemachi is the large, sprawling outside area – perhaps Tokyo’s biggest outside drinking patio area. Both inside and outside are non-smoking places; however, Craft Beer Market Otemachi does have a table charge so make sure you drink plenty of beers to offset the price.

Craft Beer Market Beer Menu
Ok, a slightly old menu.
Craft Beer Market Otemachi Outsider Enigma IPA
Outsider Enigma IPA Review here: https://beertengoku.com/2016/04/outsider-enigma-ipa/
Craft Beer Market Nihonkai Dark Lager
Nihonkai Dark Lager Lovely well-balanced flavour.

Like the other Craft Beer Market bars, Craft Beer Market Otemachi offers a wide variety of beers on tap, with 30 beers on tap, though three of those are dedicated to macro beers. The other 27 taps are split between both domestic and imported craft beer. Beers come in two sizes: glasses at 250ml for ¥480 and pints at 473ml for ¥780. Beers can also be bought to take away as well and all prices include tax. The major problem with Craft Beer Market bars is the serving – sometimes the head is just too damn large; however, the staff at this branch were far more willing to top up the beers if the head came up too large. Unfortunately, there are no tasting sets, nor is there a happy hour.


Craft Beer Market Food 1 Nachos – lovely!

The food at Craft Beer Market Otemachi is Mexican themed. so expect plenty of nachos and chilli beans. The nachos, while small to share, were delicious and perhaps some of the best food I’ve had at a branch of Craft Beer Market.

Craft Beer Market Otemachi Details

Open: Weekdays 11:30 to 14:00 (LO 13:30) 17:00 to 23:30 (LO 23:00), Saturday 12:00 to 23:30 (LO 23:00)

Close: Sunday / National Holidays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6262-5759

Homepage: http://www.craftbeermarket.jp/store_otemachi.html

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Craft Beer Market Otemachi

The closest station to Craft Beer Market Otemachi is Otemachi Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C-11), Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (M-18), Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line (T-09), Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line (Z-08), and Toei Mita Line (I-09). Take exit A1 and the bar is less than a two minute walk from the exit.

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rikishiama December 22, 2016 - 10:27 am

“that is slowly spreading its reaches across Tokyo, and also into Sendai too, and in November 2016, a new branch opened up at [add place].” PLEASE tell me this was intentional!

Rob December 22, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Yes, as it hasn’t been announced on their homepage yet.
I had heard Kanda was the location for the new one but alas no news as of yet.


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