Kohan On The Rock Beer by Tazawako Kohan No Mori Beer

Kohan On The Rock Beer

Kohan On The Rock Beer is a 6% dunkler bock beer from Tazawako Kohan No Mori Beer, based in Akita, Japan. It was first released in 2011 and since then, it has become part of their summer seasonal line up. It’s meant to be drunk with ice, hence the name “on the rock” but why you would voluntarily dilute your beer is slightly perturbing. At the time of writing, Kohan On The Rock Beer can be found in bottles though we’re yet to come across it on tap anywhere.

Kohan On The Rock Beer

Why dilute this beer?

Kohan On The Rock Beer Aroma and Taste

“Add ice on this beer to enjoy it cold” is what the blurb on the side of the bottle says – but why the heck would I dilute this beer? Kohan On The Rock Beer was cold enough as it was out of the fridge, so I necked it as fast as I could, negating the need for ice. Kohan On The Rock Beer poured out a deep reddish-brown colour with nigh on no head whatsoever. It had a really strong malt and caramel aroma – in fact, that was the only aroma I managed to pick up while drinking it.

The first sip – a massive amount of roasted caramel, verging on burnt, came bundling through until it all became too sweet for me – now I understand why Kohan no Mori suggest adding ice to the beer as the sugar levels could do with some diluting to make it barely palatable. Kohan On The Rock Beer is simply too sweet to be enjoyed as a refreshing or thirst-quenching drink; it’s more of a case of a dessert beer to share with someone else. The sweetness lingers, cloyingly, on the palate.

Kohan On The Rock Beer The Bottom Line

Kohan On The Rock Beer is an average dunkler bock; sweet and malt, but for some reason the flavours are just too strong to be enjoyed.

Where to Buy Kohan On The Rock Beer

Kohan On The Rock Beer can be bought online at the following places:

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