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Helios Porter by Helios Beer

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Helios Porter is a beer based on an 18th century traditional English style of porters. It is sometimes known as Helios Hoshizora no Porter for those with a Japanese naming lean. The unusual thing about this beer is that there is no mention of it on the Helios website. Not a single mention. No picture. No holding space. Nada. The only information we could find out about Helios Porter was on the Helios online store.

Helios Porter

Standard, run of the mill porter.

Helios Porter Aroma and Taste

Helios Porter poured out quite well, with a deep brown, almost black, body and an off-white head that was meagre in its existence. The coffee nose to Helios Porter was the most distinctive aroma though not as potent as I would have liked perhaps due to the almost commerical like production of this beer. There may have been a faint edge of chocolate to it as well but it was present for a fleeting moment.

Porters always evoke memories of smoky London pubs and bars from when I was growing up and that smoky aroma is something I like to see in a porter. Helios Porter didn’t have it though a faint roasted bitterness came through in the thin, dry body. This beer is not going to put hairs on your chest and reminded me of a schwarzbier more than a porter due to the carbonation levels and the burps that ensued soon after.

Helios Porter One Line Review

Helios Porter is a light porter that would seem to suit the Okinawa climate though in the colder climates, it lacks bite because of the thin body. If it’s cheap, then try it out, else go for a decent porter found here.


Where to Buy Helios Porter

We picked up our can of Helios Porter from Le Collier in Tokyo Station though we have seen it on sale in various shops across Kanto.

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