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Closed: Beers x Beers

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Beers x Beers

Beers x Beers is an online store that sells Japanese craft beer but with two catches. The beers aren’t sold individually – rather they are sold in sets from the breweries. While this isn’t good for people looking for individuals beers from a brewery, it does give you the chance to try some beers that are not easy to hunt down besides online from the brewery. Moreover the beers aren’t sold by Beer x Beers, it’s merely a portal for you to use a middle man to order from breweries, who may not necessarily have an online system on their homepage.

Beers x Beers has beers from across Japan, with Zumona Beer, Tazawako Beer, Inawashiro Beer, Tainai Kogen Beer, Nihonkai Beer, Swan Lake Beer, Unazuki Beer, Reijin Shuzo, Tama no Megumi, Shonan Beer, Kyujyukuri Ocean Beer, and Soni-Kogen Beer represented with plans in the future to expand into more breweries.

The ordering process is simple, as they use their own website, so no confusing run arounds (we’re looking at you Rakuten) and the shipping is fairly quick.

Area Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto/Chubu Hokuriku/Tokai Kansai Chugoku/Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
Postage ¥1296 ¥972 ¥972 ¥972 ¥972 ¥1080 ¥1296 ¥1350

Some of the beer sets also carry free shipping as well, saving a bit more money for you in the long run.

Beers x Beers Details

Online store (in Japanese): http://beersxbeers.com/

Phone: 080-7744-3905

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