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Tago Brewery Company Information

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Tago Brewing Company LineupTago Brewery Company is a craft beer brewery located in Okayama, Japan. Originally founded over 300 years ago under the name of Tako Honke Sake Brewery, like many other beer breweries in Japan, Tago Brewery Company started life out as a sake brewery before branching out in 1996 to encompass brewing beer. Their beers are sold under the Tsuyama Itsuha Draft Beer range, with various labels though the “limited edition” beers are just their regular beers packaged with the special labels. Moreover, like the sake that is produced on site, the Tsuyama Itsuha Draft Beer range also uses spring water from the local area.

Tago Brewery Company Draft Beer Line Up

The following beers are part of the all-year line up

  • Tsuyama Alt – a 5% weizen-alt served as as an alt and another version with a weizen alt label on the front.
  • Tsuyama Kolsch – a 5% kölsch style beer that has a regular label and another label with Venus on the front.
  • Tsuyama Stout – a 5% stout brewed specifically for the local delicacy of horumon – or beer and pork offal that are then boiled.
  • Tsuyama Merc – a 5% wheat ale brewed using locally sourced wheat.
  • Tsuyama Sakura-Zensen – a 5% speciality beer brewed using red kouji, aka mould, used for fermenting rice to make sake.

Tago Brewery Company Details

Address: 69 Nara, Tsuyma-shi, Okayama, Japan 708-1111

Phone: 0868-29-1111


Homepage (in Japanese):

Online store:

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