Mimasaka Beer Works Information

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Mimasaka Beer Works is a craft beer brewery located in Mimasaka, a city in Okayama, Japan. Mimasaka Beer Works, or MBW as they abbreviate themselves to, opened in May 2018 with the brewery opening up in a disused public facility that had been lying dormant for a while. The brewery predominantly uses imported German and British malts, as well as …


Tago Brewery Company Information

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Tago Brewery Company is a craft beer brewery located in Okayama, Japan. Originally founded over 300 years ago under the name of Tako Honke Sake Brewery, like many other beer breweries in Japan, Tago Brewery Company started life out as a sake brewery before branching out in 1996 to encompass brewing beer. Their beers are sold under the Tsuyama Itsuha …

Doppo Beer by Miyashita Shuzo

Doppo by Miyashita Shuzo

Miyashita Shuzo are best known for their sake inside of Japan but outside of Japan, they are better known as the makers of the Doppo range of beers. Based in Okayama, Miyashita Shuzo have been making the Doppo range since 1995 and tag themselves as the pioneer of Japanese craft beer – a bold claim to make but they have …