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Wind Valley Weizen by Kaze no Tani Brewery

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Wind Valley Weizen is a 5% German hefeweizen from Kaze no Tani Brewery, based in Shizuoka. It’s part of their summer seasonal range of craft beers and like the rest of the beers from Kaze no Tani Brewery, it has been classified as an organic beer. Wind Valley Weizen is brewed with a grain bill consisting of 50% wheat malt and undergoes natural carbonation in the bottles. At the time of writing, Wind Valley Weizen can be found in both bottles and on tap, though the latter is harder to find.

Wind Valley Weizen

Definitely a lively one here.

Wind Valley Weizen Aroma and Taste

Wind Valley Weizen poured out a hazy light golden orange colour and was incredibly lively. It gushed out of the bottle and I had to wait a good five minutes for it to settle before I could pour the remainder of the beer into the glass. It had the distinctive weizen aroma of candied bananas, with a slightly spicy kick and some breadiness to it as well. The head eventually collapsed in on itself, leaving the beer with about a 2cm head on top throughout drinking.

The taste was similar to the aroma – distinct banana-like taste with a hint of cloves punching through all the bananas and bready-yeasty body to it. The carbonation that had made the head so massive must have been lost as it the texture was a tad thin for my liking and ended up tasting slightly watery on the tongue. It finished off dry and with a slight bitter kick to it in the aftertaste.

Wind Valley Weizen The Bottom Line

Wind Valley Weizen is a tad on the light side of weizens but still a drinkable beer.


Where to Buy Wind Valley Weizen

Wind Valley Weizen can be bought online at the following places:

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