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Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi by Naruko no Kaze Beer

by Rob
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Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi is a 5% rice lager from Naruko no Kaze Beer, based in Miyagi, Japan. It’s part of their all year round range of beers and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi is brewed using locally sourced rice from the Miyagi area and also filtered water that is obtained from aquifers which are fed by the winter snow as it melts.

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi

Maybe I can’t drink lagers anymore?

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi Aroma and Taste

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi poured out a clear golden colour with a large frothy head on top that dissipated slowly, bubble by bubble, leaving massive gaps in between the head. It eventually collapsed to a ring of bubbles around the side of the glass. Maybe my nose has been bitterfied by hops and fruits but Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi had such a sweet biscuity grain aroma that it was off-putting from the start. Thankfully it subsided to hints of lemon and rice when Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi had warmed up but the sweetness had done its damage already.

Rice lagers do not agree with me – I’ve been known to have incredible headaches the day after from drinking them and as I sit and write this review the day after, I can feel Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi having done that again to me. My brain can still remember the sweetness from the beer even having brushed my teeth and drunk a cup of coffee – should flavours really reside that long on your memory? Is that a good sign or not? Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi was drinkable but I don’t remember really enjoying the cloying flavours from it. And where was the rice flavour?

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi The Bottom Line

Sometimes beers come along that seem like a good idea – coffee and porter for example – yet Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi doesn’t nail it.


Where to Buy Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi

Naruko no Kaze Yukimusubi can be bought at the following places:

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