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Kizakura Lucky Dog by Kizakura Brewery

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Kizakura Lucky Dog is a 5% pale ale from Kizakura Brewery. It’s unfiltered and made with rice and Cascade hops.

Kizakura Lucky Dog Aroma and Taste

The second of the Kizakura Lucky beers I found, I hadn’t checked what type of beer it was before I opened it (I like to live dangerously). Before pouring I got a whiff of light, pilsnery malts, so I was surprised to see it pour out an amber colour with a giant beige head. There’s an odd malt character to the aroma, as if it couldn’t make up its mind what kind of beer it wanted to be, or perhaps was in the middle of becoming a Cronenberg (not Kronenbourg) beer. Pilsner? Amber? Pale ale?

It was also a little bit hazy which I was not expecting- I thought rice was supposed to clear up your beer? Hmm. Well, it is unfiltered, so I’m getting ready for all kinds of jiggery-pokery. Remember, Kizakura Lucky Cat I ended up liking despite the fact that it smelt like vomit, and also tasted of apricots even though it was made with yuzu.


Kizakura Lucky Dog initially tastes like a red ale too- it’s all malt flavour. There’s no hint of the hops whatsoever, but they did manage to creep in once it warmed up. Time for a Can Check- Oh God. It says “Umami Pale Ale”. Have you tried Suntory’s Umami beer? It’s Miso Korny levels of foul. Yo-Ho Brewing’s Umami IPA is drinkable, but it starts out pretty bad and fishy.

Kizakura Lucky Dog The Bottom Line

Kizakura Lucky Dog didn’t taste as bad as the aforementioned beers, but it really didn’t taste of much at all, to be honest. As I said, the hops slouched back eventually, but it’s not a decent pale ale. It tasted thin and watery. Now, it is unfiltered, so you could age it if you want, but I can’t be bothered.

Where to Buy Kizakura Lucky Dog

Kizakura Lucky Dog can be bought online at the following places:

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