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Kokage Pilsner by Cocono Hops

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Kokage Pilsner is a 5% pilsner from Cocono Hops but is contract brewed at Echigo Beer Company for them. It’s brewed using 100% malt, thus without any adjuncts and as such, is styled as a beer rather than a happoshu. At the time of writing, it can be found in bottles though I suspect it may also be on tap somewhere if Echigo Beer Company is behind the brewing part.

Kokage Pilsner

Golden body with a fluffy white head.

Kokage Pilsner Aroma and Taste

Kokage Pilsner was picked up from one of our favourite places in Tokyo – Shinshu Osake Mura – and was highly recommended by the staff there. And we’re suckers, well I am, for a new beer on the market. It poured out a golden yellow colour and was fairly lively too with its frothy white head on top. It had a slight biscuity aroma and a light dosing of citrus to it but nothing too outstanding from other pilsners on the market really.

Like the aroma, the body of Kokage Pilsner didn’t really stand out from the crowd of pilsners on the market. It had the snappy crisp bite of a pilsner, along with caramel sweetness to it as well. After a while, the taste became pretty bland and seemed like a pilsner-by-the-numbers. It finished off with a slightly sweet bitterness before fading into obscurity.

Kokage Pilsner One Line Review

Kokage Pilsner is a bog standard pilsner that isn’t too dissimilar from anything from the major breweries in Japan.


Where to Buy Kokage Pilsner

Kokage Pilsner can be bought online at the following places:

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