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Karuizawa Kogen National Trust by Yo-Ho Brewing

by Rob
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Karuizawa Kogen National Trust is a 5% American style porter from Yo-Ho Brewing and NOT Karuizawa Asama Kogen – which is a good thing by our own standards. Like the Karuizawa Kogen Wild Forest, a portion of profits from each can of Karuizawa Kogen National Trust go towards maintaining the local forests in Karuizawa so you can drink, do something for charity, and be happy at the same time. However, Karuizawa Kogen National Trust is a difficult beer to find inside of the Karuizawa area, let alone outside of it as it seems to be on sale in a limited range of shops in the Karuizawa area.

Karuizawa Kogen National Trust

Drink beer and do something for charity.

Karuizawa Kogen National Trust Aroma and Taste

The first thing I noticed about Karuizawa Kogen National Trust was the pitch black body followed by the large frothy tan head on top of it. And it was certainly frothy as it did lingered for a long time before dissipating to half its size. A nice roasted aroma filled the air as it settled and something hit me – have I had this beer before? It reminded me a lot of Yo-Ho Tokyo Black with its coffee and chocolate nutty aroma that soon followed up. If it were based on that beer, then it would explain the massive amount of frothy head on top.

Drinking Karuizawa Kogen National Trust made me think even more about Yo-Ho Tokyo Black and this beer…surely Yo-Ho Brewing haven’t just rehashed the can design for a different market? I would like to think that they hadn’t but the nagging sensation kept nagging and picking holes at my thoughts. Karuizawa Kogen National Trust was more watery than I would have liked for a porter but the chocolate and coffee flavours hung around on the palate for a while before segueing into a slight bitterness that was tinged with the roasted coffee flavour.

Karuizawa Kogen National Trust One Line Review

Karuizawa Kogen National Trust isn’t a bad porter but a nice surprise that I would have again. (Serious case of déjà vu going on now!)


Where to Buy Karuizawa Kogen National Trust

Karuizawa Kogen National Trust can be bought online at the following places:

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