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Locobeer Tripel by Locobeer 

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Locobeer Tripel, also known as Locobeer Geishun which means New Year’s Greetings in English, is a 9% tripel from Locobeer, based in Chiba, Japan. It is part of their Winter lineup and can be found on sale from December until stocks last.

Locobeer Tripel ロコビア迎春トリプル

Locobeer Tripel Aroma and Taste

Coming up in a champagne bottle, I thought Locobeer Tripel was going to explode when it was opened. Alas, nothing explosive came out. In fact, it just limply poured out of the bottle with a few bubbles appearing as if they are making some kind of grand entrance. It had a deep hazy amber colour to it with zero head to it at all. Locobeer Tripel had a huge boozy aroma in it, along with some toffee, raisins, plums, and a distinctive yeast twang to it as well.

The richness of the body was evident from the first sip and it did not relent until the bottle had been emptied. Locobeer Tripel’s boozy toffee flavours lingered and clung onto the tongue for as long as it could, bringing some estery flavours from the yeast too. It was a smooth dry beer as well – surprisingly relatively thin for a beer of this strength.


Locobeer Tripel The Bottom Line

Locobeer Tripel is a boozy adventure of a beer – worth a try but not a whole bottle.

Where To Buy Locobeer Tripel

Locobeer Tripel can be bought online at the following places:

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