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Tsuyama Alt by Tago Brewery Company

by Rob
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Tsuyama Alt is a 5% weizen-alt style beer from Tago Brewery Company, based in Okayama. I got this bottle as a present from the wife who often goes to that area of Japan for business as I asked her for some Doppo Beer. I guess Tago and Doppo are easily confused. I haven’t seen Tsuyama Alt on draft anywhere during my travels of Japan. It seems to be served in two different from Tago Brewery; one as an alt and another version with a weizen alt label on the front. Talk about confusing..

Tsuyama Alt

I wanted Doppo dammit.

Tsuyama Alt Aroma and Taste

After much searching of the internet, it turns out that Tsuyama Alt is actually in fact a weizen-alt hybrid, that is, it’s brewed using yeast that is typically associated with weizen beers. When poured out, it had a deep copper colour with a meagre amount of slightly off-white head on top that didn’t last long. There wasn’t much of a smell coming off of Tsuyama Alt either; perhaps some hints of caramel malts and raisins but what there was clearly didn’t want to impose itself on my nostrils. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed – it’s not everyday you come across a new style of beer.

With such a disappointing introduction, Tsuyama Alt didn’t really hold up during the drinking stage, and as such, never really encouraged me to drink more. There was a slight funkiness to the taste, some sour notes that may have been produced from the yeast, along with a hint of caramel that never got out of first gear.

Tsuyama Alt One Line Review

Overall, Tsuyama Alt is a disappointing beer that I wouldn’t recommend buying unless you are in the brewery looking for a beer and everything else in the area is out of stock.


Where to Buy Tsuyama Alt

Tsuyama Alt can be bought at the following places:

At the time of writing, I hadn’t seen it in stock anywhere but I’ve been told it can be picked up at JR Okayama station.

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