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Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA by Ise Kadoya Brewery

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Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA is a 6.4% IPA from Ise Kadoya Brewery. It’s made with Simcoe and Amarillo hops and is part of their Limited Edition range.

Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA Aroma and Taste

Yet again my beer pours out with a minute head. Is it that Growlerwerks glass??  Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA’s nose is mainly hoppy, with resiny, fruity and tropical notes.

The taste is mainly more of the same- not that that’s a bad thing. There are multiple hop flavours going on in this beer. Resiny, piney hops,  juicy guava hops, and even a bitter woody flavour.


There’s also a slightly sweet caramel flavour which nicely offsets the hop onslaught and gives it a smooth edge. It’s not exactly gentle, but the hop bitterness is not too overpowering as a result and there’s no harshness.

Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA: The Bottom Line

Despite its name, Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA isn’t as full on is you would think. It’s generously hopped but I wouldn’t call it a monster IPA. Nicely balanced.

Where to buy Ise Kadoya Heavy Jack IPA

Ise Kadoya Online Shop

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