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Chateau Kamiya Helles by Ushiku Brewery

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Chateau Kamiya Helles is a dortmunder helles style beer from Ushiku Brewery that is available all year round. With an abv of 5%, Chateau Kamiya Helles is also an all-malt beer that can be found in both bottled form and on draught at the on-site restaurants.

Chateau Kamiya Helles

Helles bells it’s good.

Chateau Kamiya Helles Aroma and Taste

Mere weeks ago, I wrote how hefeweizens are catching up with pilsners in terms of popular styles and if you were looking for the next most popular German style, then dortmunder helles styles would be a close third to them both. Typically a malty beer, dortmunder helles are also notoriously easy drinking, perhaps being one of the main reasons as to why they are becoming popular.

Chateau Kamiya Helles had a hazy golden brown colour body with a slightly off-white frothy head. It didn’t last long mind and didn’t really do much either besides making me burp a lot. The malty aroma was fairly strong and carried a citrus, lemony aroma too as well that smelt a bit on the artificial side. There was also some wheat in there too but it was so faint that I do have to wonder if I imagined it or if it did really exist?

With a large malt front, Chateau Kamiya Helles is a good example of what a helles beer should be. Not great mind as the hops that I expected to lift the beer fell flat and failed to really get the beer going. They do bring some bitterness to the body but the expected bite of bitterness was dulled out by the sweet malt.


Chateau Kamiya Helles One Line Review

Chateau Kamiya Helles is a drinkable and refreshing beer but fails to live up to the initial promise.

Where to Buy Chateau Kamiya Helles

Chateau Kamiya Helles can be bought at the following places:

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