Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer by Romantic Village Beer

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer is a a 7% dortmunder from Romantic Village Beer that uses onsen water from the Kinugawa area before it has entered public use. Don’t worry, the beer you are about to see has not been in contact with anyone’s genitalia or skin. Moreover, Romantic Village Beer have also tried to use domestic hops and barley with the first batch containing at least 20% of both with subsequent versions increasing in content. It is part of Romantic Village Beer’s all-year round lineup of beers and can be found in both bottles and on draft.

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer

No flakes of skin or dodgy smells from this beer.

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer Aroma and Taste

Who wouldn’t be worried about drinking a beer made with onsen water without knowing where the water came from? Part of me first thought that Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer was designed to be drunk IN an onsen then I remembered it’s highly frowned upon to drink in an onsen. Water quality is one of the most important parts of brewing beer, with breweries spending hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars to ensure that they are located to a high quality water source. Minerals can be added to beers but it’s far cheaper to get a decent water source and onsen water is famed in Japan for having high mineral content.

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer poured out a golden colour with a pure-white head of less than a finger. That head didn’t last long before dissipating away to a thin ring around the edge of the glass. There wasn’t much of an aroma though coming off of the beer, just some subtle hints of caramel and with some noble hop aroma.

It didn’t get any livelier nor exciting during drinking either. The body had a yeast, biscuit like taste to it along with a small amount of malt sweetness to it but nothing to get excited about. It was also evident that this was a “high” alcohol beer as the alcohol notes were strong during the initial drinking when it was cold and became stronger as it warmed up. The aftertaste was slightly bitter with the same biscuit taste but it faded quickly.

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer One Line Review

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer is a below-average beer that I can’t really recommend. Pretty bland with nothing special to recommend.

Where to Buy Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer

Romantic Village Kinugawa Onsen Beer can be bought at the following places online:

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