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Kai Draft Beer Pilsner by Kai Draft Beer

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Kai Draft Beer Pilsner is a 5% Czech style pilsner from Kai Draft Beer from Yamanashi. Kai Draft Beer use fresh water from the local hills in the area that just happens to be soft water – perfect for pilsner style beers. Kai Draft Beer Pilsner can be bought in either one-litre or 500ml bottles from the brewery or at other places in Kofu area.

Kai Draft Beer Pilsner

This photo has not been edited in any way.

Kai Draft Beer Pilsner Aroma and Taste

I can’t not review this beer but the first thing I did when I poured Kai Draft Beer Pilsner out was to take this picture and send it to some friends. They were aghast that this was a pilsner as, well do I really need to say, it looked nothing like one. Kai Draft Beer Pilsner appeared to have either been brewed with some iffy yeast or cross-contaminated with something from the wine brewery. I’m all for breweries trying something new, or tinkering with recipes to inject some life into a style of beer but with Kai Draft Beer Pilsner, Kai Draft Beer really have gone all out and then some. It had a pungent aroma of grape juice and some soured yeast in the mix too – nothing you want from a pilsner at the worst of time.

Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment, or that Joe was unavailable for this beer review but waste not, want not. Kai Draft Beer Pilsner resembled something like a carbonated red wine that had been watered down with some caramel thrown in just to mix up the flavours a bit. There was a sourness to it that just didn’t belong in there. In all honesty, I’ve never completed pouring a beer away in the past but I couldn’t manage to finish more than half of it. Just let this review end.

Kai Draft Beer Pilsner One Line Review

If you’ve read this far, then do you need a one line review of Kai Draft Beer Pilsner? It’s horrendous. One of the worst “beers” I’ve had in my life. And I paid ~¥800 for this rubbish.


Where to Buy Kai Draft Beer Pilsner

Kai Draft Beer Pilsner can be bought at the following places online:

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