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Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA by Kinshi Masamune Shuzo

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Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA is an IPA by Kinshi Masamune Shuzo. The beer itself is a collaboration between Kinshi Masamune Shuzo and sellers of great Japanese craft beer, Yamaoka Saketen. Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA is also a seasonal special and there is very little information about when it is on sale, though I got this on a recent trip to Kyoto.

Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA

Yamaoka cut their chops with their collaboration beer.

Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA Aroma and Taste

Yamaoka Saketen has some serious knowledge about craft beers and styles as I found out way back in February. Their knowledge of how the flavours in beer should complement each other and help each other led me to believe that this beer would be worth trying though the price was a tad higher than I would normally pay.

It poured out a hazy pale straw colour with minimal head, less than couple of millimeters that did nothing besides fade away into the body. The aromas coming off of Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA were quite peculiar – strong notes of lemon and pine hops though some sour tones came through in the end.

The peculiar tones carried through to the body of Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA with some grapefruit and hops being the main stars yet I couldn’t shake the sour notes which reappeared in the body. There was barely any carbonation to the beer either, which made it seem flat and insipid. Without the depth of flavours associated with great IPAs, Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA didn’t really do anything for me and was quickly forgotten.


Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA One Line Review

It’s great to see Kinshi Masamune Shuzo move out of their traditional German brewing styles but they should refine this before realising it again. Disappointing.

Where to Buy Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA

Kyoto Machiya Hannari IPA can be bought from the Isetan Department Store in Kyoto Station at the time of writing. I also saw some bottles in Yamaoka Saketen too.

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