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Minoh Godfather 4 by Minoh Beer

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Minoh Godfather, or to give it its full name Minoh Godfather 4, is a 5.5% Belgian stout from Minoh Beer that is part of their annual release towards the Masaji Beer Project. This project was designed to commemorate the life of Ōshita-san, the once head of the company. The beer has been infused with yuzu, or Japanese citron, which is something that I’ve never come across in a stout before and is a repeat of the third iteration of this beer that also contained yuzu, back in 2014. It was only released in bottle form only and was a blink-and-you-will-miss-it release.

Minoh Godfather

Yuzu and stout is, well, weird to put it mildly.

Minoh Godfather Aroma and Taste

Yuzu. In a stout? Never heard of anyone doing that before. It would be akin to something brewing an IPA with chocolate in it. As much of a crazy idea I think that is, someone is bound to have done that in the USA, so Minoh Godfather shouldn’t have come as much a surprise after trying the Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee concoction, that had coffee beans steeped in limoncello.

Minoh Godfather poured out a pitch black colour with a large amount of voluminous tan head on top that eventually settled into a honeycomb like structure. The aroma though off the beer was, to put it mildly, weird. Chocolate and coffee aromas permeated through the frothy head but then the yuzu aroma came striking through without much thought for my olfactory senses. The Belgian yeast aromas came rushing through soon after, just to make sure that I couldn’t smell anything for the rest of the evening.

The body started off really well, with a great thick texture to it and a roasted coffee and chocolate flavour to it but that yuzu flavour was just too strong for my liking. It would have been nicer if it were more of a compliment to the usual stout flavours but it was too full-on really to be appreciated. The Belgian yeast came through a lot softer and more soothing though by that time, the yuzu had blown apart my taste buds. Minoh Godfather finished as it had started, with the usual flavour being the longest lasting of them all.


Minoh Godfather One Line Review

Minoh Godfather could have been much nicer if the yuzu had been softer and more sparsely used. A real disappointment from Minoh in my opinion.

Where to Buy Minoh Godfather

Minoh Godfather can be bought online at the following places:

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