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Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee from Tamamura Honten

by Rob
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Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee, or to give the full name Shiga Kogen DPA x TRUNK COFFEE LIMONCILLO, is a collaboration between Tamamura Honten and Trunk Coffee that uses Shiga Kogen DPA and is infused with Trunk Coffee Limoncello coffee beans in the secondary fermentation. It’s a 5.5% pale ale that is part of a limited edition range which sees Trunk Coffee, based in Nagoya, throwing in some of their beans into the Shiga Kogen range of beers. At the time of writing, it’s a limited edition beer found in bottles and on tap.

Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee

Is this really worth a review? Well, it tastes completely different to the original so yes.

Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee Aroma and Taste

After hearing how Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee was made, with the regular DPA and coffee beans thrown in during fermentation, memories of Stone’s Golden Stout came flashing back. A golden ale with huge coffee and chocolate flavours. A cheap attempt at PR but an intriguing experiment with playing what the eyes see and what the tongue tastes.

Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee poured out a golden amber colour, not too dissimilar to the Shiga Kogen DPA but the strong aroma of coffee and limoncello couldn’t be ignored. It was a strange pairing of deep-roastedness along with a sweet lemon bitterness on the nose too. It was a most peculiar aroma that didn’t really work to be honest. There was far too much going on in the aroma and very unsettling.

The body though was so different to the Shiga Kogen DPA that it’s hard to compare the two. A massive coffee hit followed but an artificially sweet lemon taste masked any of the citrus and pine aroma from the hops in the original DPA. There was some funky spiciness going on too that I couldn’t really agree with.


Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee One Line Review

If this was a sample of a beer, it would have been ok. But a bottle? Leave it well alone. Unless you like slabs of lemon in your coffee along with some hops.

Where to Buy Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee

Shiga Kogen Drunk Coffee can be bought line at the following places:

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