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Songbird Golden Bitter by Brewery Songbird

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Songbird Golden Bitter came as a surprise to us when Liquors Hasegawa emailed to say they had some limited bottles in stock of a new beer from Chiba and would we like some? The only brewery I could think of was Brewery Songbird, which opened in March 2015. Songbird Golden Bitter is a 5% English best bitter and is part of their all year round range that is now available in bottled form too.

Songbird Golden Bitter

Look at that lovely retro label.

Songbird Golden Bitter Aroma and Taste

Brewery Songbird have only been brewing beers since March 2015 and are focussing on European styles, in particular Belgians. It’s a brave choice as Belgian beers are synonymous with Chimay, Duvel, Kriek among many others and can also be found in Japan at prices much cheaper than their Japanese counterparts.

With Songbird Golden Bitter, Brewery Songbird have made a beer that appeared flat and insipid out of the bottle. It really didn’t excite me nor did it make me feel like it was going to be something special. Songbird Golden Bitter had a bitter, yeasty aroma with some butter aroma going on but I couldn’t escape from the body of the beer. It’s muddy cloudy appearance was probably caused from sediment or maybe it’s unfiltered?


The fruity tart flavour in the body was nice and brought back some memories of drinking bitters in bars in the UK but the memory faded as quick as the flavour. It needed something to balance the flavours out as they were all in the initial taste but lacked stamina. A shame as it started off well.

Songbird Golden Bitter One Line Review

Songbird Golden Bitter isn’t a bad beer but it needs more development to ensure the flavour and bitterness lasts for longer.

Where to Buy Songbird Golden Bitter

Songbird Golden Bitter can be bought from the following places:

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