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TY Harbor Pudding Heads by TY Harbor

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TY Harbor Pudding Heads is a 5.5% brown ale from TY Harbor, based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, in Japan. It’s part of BeerMa’s second anniversary lineup, along with the TY Harbor Arakawa Sunny Day DIPA. TY Harbor Pudding Heads is brewed using lactose and also vanilla beans. The reason for the TY Harbor Pudding Heads? The shop manager likes purin, also known as Japanese custard dessert, and also brown ales.

TY Harbor Pudding Heads TYハーバープリンヘッズ

TY Harbor Pudding Heads Aroma and Taste

TY Harbor Pudding Heads pours out like a reverse Japanese pudding dessert – white head on top of a brownish red body. TY Harbor Pudding Heads smelt sweet from the get go – reeking of vanilla and lactose and also Nesquik. If you don’t know what Nesquik is, it’s a flavoured powder that gets added to milk to give the milk different flavours that kids enjoy. It’s such a strong aroma that I had to dig out a packet just to check. There wasn’t anything coming from the malts – and it’s not a surprise as the vanilla and lactose were just too damn strong and sweet.

TY Harbor Pudding Heads should come with a warning – it’s going to destroy your taste buds and will stop you from being able to eat or drink anything lightly flavoured for the next few hours. When TY Harbor Pudding Heads was cold, the flavours were potent. When warm? The flavours just destroyed my gentle palate. This is a dessert beer through and through and should be treated as such. Share this beer with other people who can handle the barrage of vanilla, lactose, and chocolate sweetness. The stickiness left on the palate clung on for what seemed like ages and spoilt the following drinks.


TY Harbor Pudding Heads The Bottom Line

TY Harbor Pudding Heads is a one-off beer – and the taste is indicative of that. One is more than enough.

Where to Buy TY Harbor Pudding Heads

TY Harbor Pudding Heads can be bought online at

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