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Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter by Ise Kadoya

by Rob
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No, it’s not a spelling mistake on my part, it’s actually called Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter. It’s supposed to be a porter, but I guess it’s a play on the name Harry Potter, perhaps? Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter is a 6% spring seasonal beer first brewed in 2015 and is a result of brewers from Japan coming together to brew a special one-off beer. The idea behind Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter is that the UK style of porters lack hops and as such, additional hops were added to give this an IBU of around 35 units.

Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter

Not quite a black IPA but getting there.

Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter Aroma and Taste

I REALLY want to write “r” in the Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter name but I must resist, even with the spell checker telling me it is wrong. It’s the frustrations of being right that bug me but I shall resist and get on with this review.

With hesitation, Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter got poured into my IPA glass as I thought it would best allow the aromas to develop and be more fruitful and other more hipster stuff. It had a dark brown body with a tan head that didn’t last long – not even the IPA glass of mass induced carbonation could keep it hanging around. The hops were present though they lacked any significant bite – I guess if you’re used to drinking Guinness then the hops might have been a slight shock to you. The usual aromas of coffee and chocolate were present but much milder than perhaps what you would expect.

Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter excels in the body as the bitter porter levels are more pronounced, due in part to the hops being present but I’m not sure really. This beer left me feeling unsure about many things: porters, black IPAs, hops, are we human, or are we dancer? I just felt confused drinking it. I really can’t describe this beer in so few words. It tastes like a Black IPA but the coffee and chocolate remind me strongly of a porter.


Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter One Line Review

Ise Kadoya Hoppy Poter is a really confusing beer. Black IPA or porter? You decide.

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