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Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark by Ishikawa Shuzo

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If you hadn’t guessed by now, German styles are pretty much the main styles of beers brewed in Japan and no other beers are made here. Of course, we’re lying but with Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark, a dunkel style beer brewed using a traditional German recipe, Ishikawa Shuzo make another German style beer. It’s got an abv of 5% and is available all year-round from the brewery in either bottled or tap form.

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark

It’s certainly dark, I’ll give Ishikawa Shuzo that. No lying on this bottle.

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark Aroma and Taste

If you couldn’t have guessed from either the name or looking at the bottle Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark poured out a dark brown colour when held up to the light but appeared to be black too. It had a large amount of head that quickly changed from an off-white colour to sinking into the ether of blackness below. Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark had a sweetness to it that reminded me of caramel and some dark malts that remained in the nostrils long after the smelling had stopped.

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark had an initial strong bite to it, not so much crispness but more of a dry snap that segued into a muddling of caramel and roasted coffee beans. Not bad but there was a lot going on in the beer without it really going anywhere. I’ve heard a lot of stories about the Tama no Megumi range being nicer on tap than in bottle but it seems a strange idea – could it really be true?

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark One Line Review

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark is an ok dunkel beer that is going to set the tastebuds alight with excitement.


Where to Buy Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark

Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark can be bought from the following places:

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