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Niigata Espresso Beer by Niigata Beer

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Niigata Espresso Beer is an imperial stout from Niigata Beer that packs a punch with an abv of 7%. It’s on sale all year round though the recipe seems to have changed as some places have reported it having an abv of 8% while others at 7% though the Niigata Beer website does state 7%.

Niigata Espresso Beer

It’s black alright. No brown body here.

Niigata Espresso Beer Aroma and Taste

Niigata Espresso Beer is black beer through and through and there was no hint of brownness, even when the beer was right down its dregs. The deep tan head sat on top of it and was like the brown froth that you get at the end of a latte. The aroma was undeniably coffee with the roasted beans smell waking up the slow moving brain cells from the night before. The stout-like qualities of chocolate were really well balanced and smooth with a faint hint of liquorice for some reason.

It’s in the body where Niigata Espresso Beer really grabs you as the roasted coffee bean taste is very well balanced against the chocolate and smokey tastes that are soothing but not overpowering. The thick body was well-received and held the flavours well as it warmed up, releasing more of that chocolate coffee taste that is enticing and pleasant. Niigata Espresso Beer didn’t have much of a bitter aftertaste as I would have liked but it still had me coming back for more.

Niigata Espresso Beer One Line Review

Niigata Espresso Beer is the best of the Niigata Beer range by far and is a good example of an imperial stout. The coffee flavours though may be too strong for some people though.


Where to Buy Niigata Espresso Beer

Niigata Espresso Beer can be bought from the following places:

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