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North Island Beer Information

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North Island Beer LineupNorth Island Beer is a craft beer brand brewed by SOC Brewing at its factory in the suburbs of Sapporo that started out in 2003. Two beer-loving college friends trained in Canada to become meisters went on to begin brewing beer in Sapporo’s Higashi-ku. In May 2009, North Island Beer moved to Ebetsu city they relocated to in 2009 to a much larger premises where it is possible to go on a tour of the factory, experience beer making for yourself. North Island Beer also operates a bar in Sapporo called Beer Bar NORTH ISLAND”, you can taste a total of eight craft beers, fresh from the barrel, including six classic beers and two limited-edition beers.

North Island Beer Main Lineup

The North Island Beer range consists of six main beers available throughout the year:

North Island Beer Limited Edition

North Island Beer have also been known to produce some collaborations as well. We’ll list them as we try them:

North Island Beer Articles

North Island Beer Details

Address: 〒067-0031 Hokkaido, Ebetsu-shi, Motomachi 11-5


Phone: 011-391-7775

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.2002cb.co.jp/index.html

Online Store: http://beer.ocnk.net/

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