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Shiga Kogen BLOND by Tamamura Honten

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Two special beers in less than a week from Tamamura Honten; first with the Shiga Kogen Fake Weizen and now this Shiga Kogen BLOND. It’s a blond / golden ale brewed using pilsner malts and also some American and Czech hops thrown in there too. Shiga Kogen BLOND is a special 5% limited edition beer that was first produced in 2015.

Shiga Kogen BLOND

Blonds always have the most fun.

Shiga Kogen BLOND Aroma and Taste

Shiga Kogen BLOND was a special order direct from Tamamura Honten after we were hinted off by them on Twitter. It seems that their special limited edition beers sell out so quickly (looking at you Shiga Kogen DPA) that unless you know someone, you have to either quickly trek out to Liquors Hasegawa or Yamaoka to get them. There are others shops but we haven’t been to them yet so that doesn’t count.

The head was akin to a fluffy white cloud that clung to the side of the glass and the body was a pale, hazy golden colour. With this being a cross between a pilsner with various hops in, Shiga Kogen BLOND was always going to have a mixture of aromas going on. It smelt like a pilsner, with the sharp, crisp pilsner taste but then the bitter hops come across pretty quickly.

But the taste – jeez – they should have name this Shiga Kogen Bitter BLOND as the overwhelming grapefruit taste smacks you silly around the head before moving on to a malt sweetness which is then followed by the bitter grapefruit kick again. It lingers on the palate even when the beer has gone. It’s certainly a Belgian blond with all this bitterness going on but it’s a good bitterness.


Shiga Kogen BLOND One Line Review

If you like your beers bitter and fruity, in particular grapefruits, then Shiga Kogen BLOND is perfect for you. Get it while you can.

Where to Buy Shiga Kogen BLOND

Shiga Kogen BLOND can be bought from the Tamamura Honten online store here if you send them an email. We’ve also seen it in Liquors Hasegawa and also Yamaoka too. If you are in Shimokitazawa, Le Petit L’Ouest also has it in stock too.

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