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Coedo Beniaka by Coedo Beer

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Coedo Beniaka had a full on upheaval in terms of recipes in 2015 with it undergoing some major cosmetic changes both in the recipe and also on the bottle. It went from a lager yeast style production of being top fermented, to an ale yeast bottom fermented beer. If that wasn’t enough, some of the hops were changed around and also the colour, making it slightly darker than before; a culmination of two years of work from Uetake-san and company. Finally, the bottle design has also changed to increase the understanding of the foreign export market now Coedo is moving into overseas markets.

Coedo Beniaka
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Coedo Beniaka Aroma and Taste

Those who drank Coedo Beniaka for its sweet potato punch will be pleased to hear that it is still present in the aroma, providing a subtle sweetness to it that is unmistakable. It’s reassuring that with the changes, the sweet potatoes are still on show though the maltier aromas are stronger in this new version of Coedo Beniaka. The body is also a lot darker, even with the change in lighting in the pictures above and the new version poured out a lot livelier than the lager-style version of times gone by.

With the move to the bottom-fermented style, Coedo Beniaka is smoother and less gassier than before too, making it easier to drink. The sweetness from the potatoes is as present but not as overpowering in the update version compared with the old and the malts are more pronounced with a caramel flavour coming through. The biggest change, and in my opinion the best, is the body has more of a solid feel to it. The old version was a little watery for the alcohol content. The aftertaste was not as sickly either with a change towards a caramel and bitter finish.

Coedo Beniaka One Line Review

When a brewery changes their recipe for a beer, it doesn’t always work but Coedo Beniaka is a great change and much improved. Well done!


Where to Buy Coedo Beniaka

Coedo Beniaka can be bought in some convenience stores, in most department stores, and liquor stores. If you’re not sure if you have got the new version or the old version, check the label. If it says “Imperial Sweet Potato Lager” then you have the new version

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