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Liquors Hasegawa in Yaesu, Tokyo.

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Liquors Hasegawa is a shop that I’ve heard of in the past though been hesitant to visit as the Yaesu exit at Tokyo station scares me. I’m scared I’m going to get lost and never be found again, left to wander around the underground mall without seeing daylight. My skin turning pale from the lack of vitamins, I curl up in a corner and am forgotten. Even with a map, I still got lost trying to find this place, though one helpful person spun me around and set me off in the right direction. Now, thanks to my (inept) map reading skills, you too can find Liquors Hasegawa without getting lost, though which branch you want is up to you.

Liqours Hasegawa

Both stores of Liquors Hasegawa have beer.

There are two locations to Liquors Hasegawa; one is about a ten minute walk from the Yaesu exit, while the other is a five minute walk and has a much better selection of craft beers, though the whisky selection is lacking in the second. Both shops have been included on the map above, though we’re looking at the second branch closer to the exit to Tokyo station. Not to say that the other one is lacking, as it’s definitely worth looking at both branches if you have the time. The whiskey one is considered to be the main branch, while the craft beer one is much smaller.

Liquors Hasegawa Beer 1
Liquors Hasegawa Beer 2
Liquors Hasegawa Beer 3

Liquors Hasegawa sells Japanese craft beer in both branches and has been known to get some limited edition beers in as well, for example, Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey IPA and the Shiga Kogen Barrel Aged Imperial IPA have both been seen here along with Mitsue Beer Hearn’s Chocolate Stout too. There is also a web shop to Liquors Hasegawa; however, not everything that is sold in the shop is listed on the website, so it’s best to trek in and find the place. Moreover, they will also deliver to your house if you order in the store though the temptation to drink is a little too strong for me. Breweries from the above smaller store we saw included:

Liquors Hasegawa Outside

Photo courtesy of Liquors Hasegawa Main Store

Prices were competitive at Liquors Hasegawa and also included tax so there are no nasty surprises besides how much you have spent and we spent a fair amount there. I was determined to carry everything home with me as well, rather than get a delivery.


Liquors Hasegawa Details

Open: Daily 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Phone: 03-3271-3317

Homepage (in Japanese): Liquors Hasegawa Online Store

How to Get to Liquors Hasegawa

Liquors Hasegawa can be reached from the central Yaesu exit to Tokyo station. Turn left at Rio / リオ and you can walk straight along the Sotobori Underground Street 2 / 外掘地下2番通り. To reach the whiskey based Liquors Hasegawa, follow the main avenue straight until you reach the Yaesu Underground Street 1 / 八重洲地下1番通りon the map above.

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