Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen by Sekinoichi Shuzo

Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen is by no means a beer that is 100 years old. That would just be plain wrong and rank and disgusting and every other hip new word for meaning bad. Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen is brewed as a celebratory beer for the 100th anniversary of Tokyo station but is probably just the regular Tokyo Station Ale in a fancy bottle design. Iwate Kura’s aka Sekinoichi Shuzo’s hefeweizen is the base for this beer.

Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen

Maybe it’s just me, but putting a fancy label on the bottle doesn’t change the taste.

Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen Aroma and Taste

Besides Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen having a ridiculously long name for a beer, it pours out like a limp hefeweizen; no fanfare or excitement out of the bottle. If a beer could undergo animalization as an animal, then Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen would be a sloth. There was pretty much no life to it and the head was non-existent, something very unusual for a hefeweizen. Even the aroma was sloth-like too; some notes of yeast and wheat but nothing to blow you away.

As you can imagine, after such an insipid introduction to it, I was not really that excited in drinking Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen. And you would righter than right. Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen has a taste to it but the light wheat and yeast flavours are not bold enough to stand up not to other hefeweizens. Perhaps it’s the lack of carbonation in the body not carrying the aromas and flavours onwards and upwards. Perhaps it’s just that I’ve slowly become accustomed to stronger and bolder hefeweizens, such as the Coedo Shiro.

Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen One Line Review

Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen is a poor attempt a hefeweizen that really is not recommended. Try the Coedo Shiro instead.

Where to Buy Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen

Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Hefeweizen can only be bought in and around Tokyo station. We picked up out bottle from Le Collier in Tokyo station.

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