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Echigo Rise Up IPA by Echigo Beer

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Echigo Rise Up IPA is a 6% Indian Pale Ale from Echigo Beer. Look at that badass can! I was excited to try this. Then Rob said “Enjoy ;)”. With the winking smiley face. I know that smiley face. I knew what I was immediately in for. There’s something wrong with this beer, isn’t there. Something bad.

By the twitching of my ear, there’s something wicked in this beer.

Echigo Rise Up IPA Aroma and Taste

Echigo Rise Up IPA poured out with a suspiciously large-bubbled beige head that disappears down to a thin line. Hm, that head looks like washing-up liquid froth, I thought. Must be a coincidence. Right?


The body is a dark-ish amber, so I suppose this is an English IPA?

The nose is of sweet malt (ugh, again?), some juicy, piney hops and caramel. A bad, bad mix. Not looking forward to this. Oh well, down the hatch.

Blargh. Bitter! Metallic! See the picture above, that I took in my kitchen? I might as well have just licked my metal sink draining board there instead of drinking this plop.

I remember getting a bottle of homebrew from an unnamed person early on in their homebrewing career, who decided it might be a good idea to put a whole hop pellet in each bottle of their IPA as a kind of unfiltered dry hopping experiment. Resultant beer was a proto-hazy IPA- that’s right, much as this person currently rages against the haze craze, they may have inadvertently kick-started the movement- with a hefty glob of what appeared to be duck shit in the bottom of the bottle. But like I say, this was early days, and that person’s homebrew is now great (Don’t cut off my supply).

This beer tastes like there are about five hop pellets in it. The aftertaste is also bitter and soapy. It’s unpalatable. Warming up, the flavour relaxes a little, but that shouldn’t be a thing with IPAs. I want to drink it ice-cold. This beer sucks.

Echigo Rise Up IPA The Bottom Line

The can is cool but this is a bad, bad tasting IPA. Bitter but in a bad way, metallic and soapy. It’s like drinking a cast-iron bathtub. Not from an iron bathtub. An iron bathtub. Avoid.

Where to Buy Echigo Rise Up IPA

Rise UP IPA can be bought online at the following places

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