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Iwate Kura Kin Kura by Sekinoichi Shuzo

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Iwate Kura Kin Kura is a 5% pilsner style beer from Iwate Kura Beer aka Sekinoichi Shuzo. Pilsners is perhaps the most common style of beer in Japan and Iwate Kura Kin Kura is another addition to that range. Pilsner here, pilsner there, pilsner just pretty much everywhere you turn. Strangely enough for Sekinoichi Shuzo, this beer is only available in can form only.

Iwate Kin Kura

Gold warehouse aka kin kura. Though not all that glitters is gold.

Iwate Kura Kin Kura Aroma and Taste

Joe once mentioned that the hardest thing about drinking and tasting beer is the ones that are bland. Beers that are just there for the alcohol content. Beers that burn the back of your throat but you put up with it for that alcohol buzz. Iwate Kura Kin Kura doesn’t quite get there but it gets close to ticking those boxes. It had a frothy, white head to it that dissipated quickly to leave a crystal clear golden body. There wasn’t much coming off of Iwate Kura Kin Kura, just a wee bit of pine and lemony.

Being a pilsner is tough. Being a pilsner in an over-crowded market of pilsners in Japan is really tough and Iwate Kura Kin Kura faces an uphill struggle. I didn’t know what style of pilsner to expect; a German, a Czech, or a European style. If it is Czech then it’s passable. Iwate Kura Kin Kura is refreshing and crisp but then so is Asahi Super Dry, so why not drink that? Malt made a brief cameo in the body with a blink and miss it performance while I am still waiting for the aftertaste to show up. Two days later. And where were the hops?

Iwate Kura Kin Kura One Line Review

Iwate Kura Kin Kura isn’t going to win any awards here and I couldn’t really recommend it to anyone.


Where to Buy Iwate Kura Kin Kura

Iwate Kura Kin Kura can be bought online at the following places:

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