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Hakama IPA by Johana Beer

by Rob
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Hakama IPA, also known as Johana IPA, is brewed on from an American IPA recipe by Johana Beer.  Besides that, not much else is known about this beer at the time of writing. There is a distinct lack of information on the brewery homepage about it, but it’s Japanese and it’s a craft beer, so drink it we must.

Hakama IPA

A new beer but not much is known about it besides being an American IPA.

Hakama IPA Aroma and Taste

Hakama IPA had a hazy brown body to it but was more amber when head up to the light. The head was frothy, light, and stuck to the glass throughout drinking. It just would not let go. If you were to judge this on looks alone, it would be a resounding “drink” but hold up. Hakama IPA smells like an IPA with an initial hoppy nose to it that is followed up with a grapefruit kick but they are both comparatively weak to the traditional IPA aroma. There appeared to be some sweetness to the nose, perhaps a caramel / toffee blend.

IPAs seem to really vary in Japan, with either the big, brash American styles at one end and the subtle British IPAs at the other. Hakama IPA seems to fit towards the British style and this is noticeable in the first sip. The malt flavours at the forefront with the hops a close second. Unusual. I was expecting an astringent, bitterness but earthy tones came to mind. Thankfully, the aftertaste was more of an IPA than what the body was but still mild.

Hakama IPA One Line Review

Hakama IPA is weird beer indeed. It’s hard to put a finger on what kind of beer it is.


Where to Buy Hakama IPA

We got our bottle of Hakama IPA from Le Collier; however, that is the only place we have managed to find it on sale.

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