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Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA by Ise Kadoya Beer

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Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA is a 6% American IPA from Ise Kadoya Beer, based in Mie, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range and was first released in the December 2017. Mie lies in a particularly barren area of Japan that doesn’t receive much snow. So when it does, children in the area smile, hence the name “snowsmile”. It’s brewed using two different strains of yeast – the inhouse Kadoya 1 and also an ale yeast. The hops used are Chinook, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Centennial.

Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA 伊勢角屋Snowsmile IPA

Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA Aroma and Taste

Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA poured out a hazy golden orange colour with a massive amount of plump white head on top, that really clung to the side of the glass. There wasn’t any yeast particulate in the glass either. The aroma though was of luscious hops bursting through. Compared to having it on draft at the Brewers Cup, this bottled version smelt miles (kilometres for our metric readers) and away better. Wheat, lemon, orange, yeast, grapefruit, along with some dankness came bursting through.

The flavours in the body were just as mixed – in a good way mostly. The yeast brought some funky flavours to it that mixed well with the wheat and citrusy flavours found in the body. However, the body felt just a bit on the thin side to carry all of the flavours. Even though Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA is an IPA, the bitterness was at the lower end of the scale, making it more like a strong pale ale. It finished off with some lingering citrus flavours and left me wanting more.


Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA The Bottom Line

Who’d have thought a hopped-up wheat IPA hybrid would have worked well? Well Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA did. Try it.

Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA

Ise Kadoya Snowsmile IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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