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Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014

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Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014 schedule

An Oktoberfest in Kamakura. With Japanese craft beer.

Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014 is a new event to BeerTengoku, perhaps because it runs along at the same time as the Yokohama Oktoberfest. The main difference between these two events is that the Kamakura Oktoberfest is geared towards Japanese craft beer and Japanese food rather than German beers and food.

As Kamakura Oktoberfest is a Japanese craft beer festival, the beers are on tap are predominantly local beers. Shonan Beer, Hakone Beer, Kamakura Beer, and Sankt Gallen are on tap but Iwate Kura Beer are going to be present in bottle form only.

The event starts on Saturday 4th October at 12:00pm and entrance is free. Prices vary between stalls- Suntory are selling a 600ml glass for ¥500, while the craft beer companies are doing 500ml glasses for ¥800. There is also a special deal set where you can get two Suntory beers and two other craft beers for ¥2,500, saving ¥100.


A noteworthy mention though is the organisation. Not all beers are going to be on tap all the time as shown below. There are two beer booths with the companies switching between them at different times for roughly 2hr 30mins stints.

Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014 schedule

Pick your time wisely.

How To Get To Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014

The closest station is JR Kamakura or Enoden Kamakura station. From there, the Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014 is about a five-minute walk away.

Kamakura Oktoberfest 2014 on FaceBook (in Japanesse)

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