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Babel Bayside Kitchen in Yokohama

by BeerTengoku Writer
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Babel Bayside Kitchen Entrance

We almost went for the Big Mac and fries around the corner.

Babel Bayside Kitchen is located in the very plush area that is Bay Quarter. I’m always a bit apprehensive when I go to Bay Quarter; is it a boat, is it an island, or is it just some floating deck on water? Anyway, Babel Bayside Kitchen is located on the M2F, just around the corner from McDonald’s. Difficult decision to make; Big Mac or craft beer? But with those outside seats, some cover, and a few craft beers, who were we trying to kid.

Babel bayside kitchen inside
That big column there. That one there! Useful mind map of beer. There will be a test at the end of this year.
Babel Bayside Kitchen Outdoors
Those mushroom heaters are great in the winter months.

Babel Bayside Kitchen advertises itself as a craft beer and BBQ restaurant, yet when BeerTengoku turned up it was partly filled up with gaggles of women drinking sparkling wine and eating salads. Not the best advertisement, but there was football on in the background and a massive mural that displayed all the kinds of ales and lagers and how they are grouped under the umbrella of beer. An educational visit perhaps? With plenty of seating in and outside, we got lumbered inside which was a lucky move as the sun began to set and blinded everyone outside.

Babel Bayside Kitchen Menu

There are some craft beers on here with some mass produced bland as paper… ok you get the idea.

BeerTengoku were pretty much left to our own devices when it came to ordering although we think someone was having a laugh with the menu. There were some of the big four breweries on tap, such as, sorry I can’t bring myself to write the letters, but it’s bland lager, that somehow is the “sharpest” on the menu.

Babel Bayside Kitchen Beer 1
Baird Asian Beauty Biwa Ale by Baird Beer
Babel Bayside Kitchen Beer 2Babel Bayside Kitchen Beer 3
Shonan IPA - I don't know which one as the bar staff didn't know and the menu didn't say. Not a great start.
Babel Bayside Kitchen Beer 4
Minamishinshu Christmas Ale: an English strong ale. Review here: https://beertengoku.com/2015/12/minamishinshu-christmas-ale/

Anyway, beers came in three sizes, tasting (200ml) for ¥430 + tax, a half (280ml) for ¥720 + tax, and a regular (420ml) for ¥920 + tax. Not bad, but the problem was that at least one-third of the beer came up as head. The Asian Beauty Biwa Ale came with that much head, I kid you not; however, the Gotemba Kogen Schwarz was ordered with “あわなし”, or “no head”, and that’s the end result. A shame really as everyone likes a bit of head on their beer, but it has to be reasonable.

Babel Bayside Kitchen Beer 1
The mixed appetisers at 950yen were tasty but small.
Babel Bayside Kitchen Beer 2
But the sausage platter more than made up for it.

The food at Babel Bayside Kitchen is pretty darned tasty. The portions were a tad on the small side; however, they were reasonable priced that were paired up with our beers extremely well. The menu at Babel Bayside Kitchen has been tailored around the beer and the staff are very helpful in suggesting what beer or food to drink or eat in combination.

Babel Bayside Kitchen One Paragraph Review

Babel Bayside Kitchen would be a good date place or a nice chilled out place to go with the family; however, it will cause some damage to the wallet if you are not too careful. Whilst the selection of beers is safe compared to Beer Republic just around the corner, the pairing of the food and beers deserves praise. Moreover, tax isn’t included in the prices on the menu so be prepared for an additional 8% on your final bill.

Babel Bayside Kitchen Details

Open: Daily 11:00~23:00(L.O. for food 22:00/drink 22:30)
Phone: 045-440-1155
Website (Japanese only): Babel Bayside Kitchen on Gurunavi

How to Get to Babel Bayside Kitchen

Babel Bayside Kitchen is located on the M2F, the bottom floor, of Bay Quarter.

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