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Japan Craft Beer Awards 2014

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Japan Craft Beer Awards 2014

I choose you pikachu… Sorry, wrong show. Who would you choose?

A bit of a late announcement from BeerTengoku but this weekend has the Japan Craft Beer Awards 2014 on Sunday 5th October. It’s your chance to vote for your favourite Japanese craft beer brewery or Japanese craft beer from a shortlist of 30 breweries and over 100 different beers.

Started in 2009, this event brings together some of the big names of craft beer brewing with the smaller entities. Baird Beer (Shizuoka), Coedo (Saitama), and Sankt Gallen (Kanagawa) will be found next to Y Market Brewing (Nagoya), Ise Kadoya (Mie) and Miyazaki Hidejima Beer (Miyazaki). Only one beer will be named the Japan Craft Beer Champion.

But that’s not all. Tickets include an all-you-can-drink option as well for four hours. Starting from 14:00 until 18:00 at Sumidaku. Tickets cost ¥4,000 in advance and can be bought at Lawson stores across Japan using the code 31409, or ¥4,500 on the day. Tickets can also be bought at The Aldgate, Beer House Kura Kura, Ushitora and others here.


Who are we going to vote for? Well, that would be telling…

How to Get To Japan Craft Beer Awards 2014 Details

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