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Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss by Karuizawa Brewery

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Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss was one of the first beers to come out of Karizawa Brewery in 2013. Originally advertised as a German kristalweizen, or a clear filtered weizen beer, it is firmly in the mould of a German hefeweizen.

Karuizawa Weiss

Karuizawa Asama Kougen’s first weizen beer.

Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss Aroma and Taste

Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss is very much a hefeweizen as from the moment it is poured into a glass, it is clear that it has not been filtered and as such comes out a cloudy, golden colour that is darker at the top than at the bottom. The smell of the beer was new, reminiscent of banana with some cloves, which was unusual but not an unpleasant aroma. Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss was sweeter than I thought it would be but it’s unique.

The body itself is more carbonated than expected for a hefeweizen, but not too strong, with the banana flavour following through from the aroma. The wheatiness of Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss was ok but a little stodgy for my liking, similar to biscuit dough with a slightly bitter aftertaste that is reminiscent of a kristalweizen.

Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss One-line Review

An average weizen. Not bad but wouldn’t be my first choice of beer after a day of work. Try the Yokohama Weizen if you get the chance.


Where to buy Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss

Due to the big push behind Karuizawa weiss from the parent company, Dover Ltd., this beer is fairly widely available in department stores and alcohol stores. I bought my Karuizawa Asama Kougen Weiss in Aurora Malls, Higashi Totsuka for ¥298.

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