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Baird Red Rose Amber Ale by Baird Beer

by Rob
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Baird Red Rose Amber Ale is a 6% California Common that we’ve had numerous times and only got around to reviewing. We’ve had it on tap at the various Baird Taprooms and in bottled form but almost two years into BeerTengoku’s life, we’ve got around to reviewing it. The brewing process for Baird Red Rose Amber Ale is rather complex with it consisting of a high-temperature fermentation ale yeast at low temperatures like a lager. Confusing but what works must work as it is part of Baird’s all-year round range.

Baird Red Rose Amber Ale

Taken a long time to review this beer but we’ve got there.

Baird Red Rose Amber Ale Aroma and Taste

For Baird Red Rose Amber Ale, I decided to crack out the Baird Beer glass I got a few years back as part of an o-seibo gift set – end of year gifts people pass to each other for the year’s work. Or something like that. I just thought “Awesome. A beer glass without any beer to put in it.” Baird Red Rose Amber Ale poured out a deep bronze-red colour with about one-finger’s worth of head on top. The mistake I made was that only putting one bottle (at 330ml) into a ~550ml glass meant the aroma was going to be a difficult one to get to. Baird Red Rose Amber Ale had a caramel malty aroma that was sweet but not overpowering.

At 6%, I was expecting a thick-tasting beer but Baird Red Rose Amber Ale came across on the thin side and the sweet caramel malts were not as pronounced as in the aroma. The hops produced a reasonable amount of bitterness that lifted the beer from its malty side though I couldn’t get past the thin texture to it.

Baird Red Rose Amber Ale One Line Review

Baird Red Rose Amber Ale is very much a drinkable beer and something I will try again but I can’t help thinking that something is missing from it.


Where to Buy Baird Red Rose Amber Ale

Baird Red Rose Amber Ale can be bought at the following places online:

It can also be bought at the Baird range of taprooms on tap while the Bashamichi Taproom has bottles on sale.

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