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Coedo Beniaka by Coedo Brewery

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Coedo name their beers after different colour hues and this beer is a deep amber red colour, as the name Beniaka (“bright red tinged with yellow”) suggests. Due to the amount of sweet potato versus malt contained in the beer, Coedo Beniaka is classified as a happoshu. But wait! Before you run off to buy another beer instead, just read on, as it it’s not like one of those cheap happoshus found in you local 7/11 or FamilyMart.

An image of Coedo Beniaka

The beer encapsulates the redness of the…. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Coedo Beniaka Aroma and Taste

When poured out, there is a distinct lack of head on Coedo Beniaka, perhaps one finger’s worth if that; however, it is nice to watch and let it settle as the colours move around to produce a gradient of colour from red to tan. Aroma wise, it smells like those roasted sweet potato contraptions found in convenience stores and supermarkets.Heck, might as well rub some sweet potatoes in your face and that would still be less subtle.

Tasting Coedo Beniaka led to a residual stickiness feeling on the top of my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of. Quite a thin beer as well, a little on the watery side. The sweetness of the potatoes comes through and slightly malty follow-up.

Coedo Beniaka One-line review

Coedo Beniaka is a good happoshu but an average beer. Try a different one from Coedo range.


Where to buy Coedo Beniaka

Coedo Beniaka can be bought in some convenience stores, in most department stores, and liquor stores.

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