Ise Kadoya KoiKoi Mikan by Ise Kadoya

Koi koi mikan 恋来いみかんビール

Ise Kadoya Koi Koi Mikan is a 4% seasonal fruit ale made with Naize Mikan oranges from south Mie prefecture.

Ise Kadoya Koi Koi Mikan Beer Aroma and Taste

Koi Koi Mikan Beer pours out a light, hazy gold with a lot of floating particulate. The nose is malty and hoppy like a pale ale, with a slight sweet and acidic edge that reminded me of marmalade.

Tasting it, it’s disappointingly thin, but the oranges give it a slightly acidic, sour kick. Don’t worry, though- the beer ingredients (you know, those hops and malts) make a brief appearance too. It’s a good bit hoppy, maybe a bit too much considering this is supposed to be a fruit ale. Do hops go well with oranges? No, is the answer to that cosmic conundrum.

I was hoping that the malt would complement the orange and make a kind of marmalade-on-toast deal, but the malt backbone crumpled like a wet newspaper.

Ise Kadoya Koi Koi Mikan Beer The Bottom Line

Koi Koi Mikan Beer doesn’t have much weight to it, or really any orange flavour going on. Get Hideji’s Hyuuganatsu or Hitachino’s Dai Dai instead.

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